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International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference


Inspired by Tradition


International Procurement and Supply Chain Conference


Inspired by Tradition


A leading global platform where cutting-edge supply chain strategies meet visionary innovators.

  • November 2 Saturday
  • Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh
  • 400+ Organizations
  • 800+ Delegates - Procurement & Supply Chain Professionals
  • 40+ International Speakers
    & Thought Leaders
  • 6000+ Google Reviews

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About IPSC 2024, Riyadh

From Vision to Reality

Saudi Arabia, renowned for its ambitious Vision 2030, is on a transformative path to revolutionize and strengthen its supply chain industry. Focusing on economic growth and adapting to emerging trends, the Kingdom is set to unlock the full potential of its supply chain, elevating national competitiveness and prosperity. The supply chain sector is one significant area undergoing notable transformation, with a forward-looking vision for 2030 that emphasizes efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. This will pave the way for a revolutionary approach to managing and delivering goods and services.

In line with Saudi Arabia's vision for a cutting-edge supply chain ecosystem, Blue Ocean Corporation, the world leader in supply chain consulting and training, is committed to empowering professionals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

We welcome you to the International Procurement and Supply chain Conference (IPSC), once again back in the saddle in Riyadh after almost a decade, featuring renowned speakers and creating room for healthy networking opportunities, all aimed at fostering innovation and excellence in procurement and supply chain management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Attendees At-A-Glance


IPSC Riyadh
A Must-Attend Event

IPSC Riyadh opens a myriad of growth opportunities for KSA's supply chain growth and transformation.

Enriching Keynotes

AI Transforming the Digital Landscape in Saudi Arabia

• Role of AI in Saudi’s economic diversification.

• Impact of AI in building autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management and smart public transportation systems.

• Discussing ways to turn supply chain management more efficient and transparent through AI-driven solutions.

• Addressing concerns about data protection, cybersecurity, and ethical use of AI.

Sustainable Procurement: Balancing Cost, Quality, and Responsibility

• Defining sustainable procurement and its significance in today’s business landscape.

• Assessing the long-term benefits of sustainable procurement practices, such as risk mitigation and brand reputation.

• Identifying reputable certifications and standards for sustainable products and suppliers.

• Implementing waste reduction and recycling initiatives to minimize environmental impact.

Smart Warehousing Solutions: The Future of Inventory Management

• Overview of smart warehousing and explore how it differs from traditional warehousing.

• Role of machine learning algorithms in improving inventory management and order processing efficiency.

• Benefits of interconnected devices for seamless inventory management and reduced manual intervention.

• Implementing green technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of warehouse operations.

KSA’s Role in Enhancing Supply Chain Connectivity in the Gulf

• Exploring the strategic importance of KSA in the Gulf Region.

• Discussing major infrastructure projects under Vision 2030 that enhance regional connectivity, such as new ports, railways, etc.

• Encouraging foreign investments in KSA’s supply chain sector through Public-Private Partnerships.

• Discussing KSA’s strategic goals for the future of supply chain connectivity in the Gulf region.

Dynamic Panel Discussion

  • Discussing how Vision 2030 aims to transform Saudi Arabia into a global. economic powerhouse through diversification and modernization.
  • Exploring ways to improve infrastructure, including ports, airports, and transportation networks, to facilitate seamless trade flows.
  • Integrating sustainable practices into trade activities to minimize environmental impact and promote green trade.
  • Introduction to the Red Sea Project and its significance as a flagship development under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.
  • Understanding the ambitious goals and objectives of the red sea project in terms of tourism, sustainability, and economic development.
  • Aligning the Red Sea Project with global sustainability goals, including environmental protection, social inclusion, and economic growth.
  • Understanding the current representation and involvement of women in procurement roles in Saudi Arabia.
  • Exploring how Vision 2030 aims to empower women and increase their participation in the workforce, including the procurement sector.
  • Showcasing successful women leaders and professionals in the procurement field as role models and sources of inspiration.
  • Explaining the concept of circular economy and its emphasis on resource efficiency, waste reduction, and closed-loop systems.
  • Exploring how supply chains can contribute to circular economy goals through efficient resource management, product reuse, and recycling.
  • Discussing how to educate and empower consumers to make sustainable choices and participate in circular economy practices.

IPSC Awards 2024

Celebrating those who illuminate the path of SCM progress and inspire future generations

In an era where supply chain efficiency and procurement strategies are more critical than ever, the International Procurement and Supply Chain awards shines a spotlight on the groundbreaking work being done by both corporates and individuals across the globe. From leveraging cutting-edge technology to implementing sustainable practices, the achievers will exemplify the innovative spirit that drives KSA's supply chain industry forward.

The illustrious ceremony, conducted in conjunction with IPSC 2024, brings together top organizations, industry leaders, and innovators to honor outstanding achievements and set new benchmarks across various categories.

Individual Categories

  • Supply Chain Excellence
  • Digital Transformation Leader of the Year
  • Procurement Professional of the Year
  • Supply Chain Innovator
  • Supply Chain Resilience Champion
  • Green Supply Chain Advocate of the Year
  • Emerging Leader in Procurement
  • Procurement Transformation Leader

Corporate Categories

  • Supply Chain Resilience in Crisis Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain of the Year
  • Best Digital Supply Chain Integration
  • Continuous Improvement in Supplier Development
  • Technology Adoption in Logistics

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