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Two days of Paid Leave for Expo 2020 Dubai
Two days of Paid Leave for Expo 2020 Dubai visit with company-sponsored tickets announced for Blue Ocean employees. The doors to the world’s biggest show are now open to the public and one cannot wait to experience the magical aura of the magnificent man-made wonders displayed in it. Yes, we are talking about Expo 2020 Dubai. Bedazzling the global audience with its spectacular opening ceremony, Expo 2020 kicked off on 30th September, 2021. Witnessing a starry evening, the Expo 2020 stage lit up with grand performances by world renowned artists paired with the subtle dramatic enactment of the UAE’s rich legacy that showed transformation from its humble roots to becoming one of the world powers. What began on an awe-inspiring note is now a precious gem for all to explore. With an ever-increasing demand for tickets and news of prominent government leaders, international celebs and other VVIPs doing the rounds, it is evident that Expo 2020 is that one event in everyone’s calendar for the next six months that needs a couple of visits. At Blue Ocean, our week has started with some added punch – an exciting Expo 2020 revelation that unfolded smiling faces and double the energy in the workspace! Two days of Paid Leave for Expo 2020 Dubai visit with company-sponsored team tickets announced…Music to the ears of every Blue Ocean employee. The management has confirmed that on the first day, the entire team of Blue Ocean will be visiting the world’s biggest exhibition together as a team, whereas the second paid leave shall allow employees to visit the Expo 2020 site with their families. Blue Ocean CEO Dr. Sathya Menon said, “This is a small endeavour by Blue Ocean, through which we seek to support the Dubai Government’s efforts to sustain the economy of Dubai and the UAE and safeguard the wellbeing of our employees. Just like the theme of Expo 2020 states ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, meaning to cooperate and collaborate and stimulate ideas that will establish what Dubai’s future looks like, we as a Team are also closely connected and work unitedly to nurture growth for a better tomorrow for our organization and the nation.” Blue Ocean’s principles and opportunities are also in tune with the Expo 2020’s sub themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The management always looks up for ways to boost up the energy and motivation at work, and at the same time ensures that employees can retain a good deal of the drive in their personal spaces. A big THANK YOU to the management. We are touched beyond words.