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Award Categories

This award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated outstanding standard of excellence and innovation by significantly improving its supply chain efficiency, effectiveness, or agility. Innovations may include the adoption of new technologies, processes, or methodologies that have significantly enhanced the effectiveness, agility, or sustainability of the supply chain.

This award celebrates an organization that has achieved outstanding performance in procurement operations, by developing and executing procurement strategies that enhance the overall quality of procurement functions. Nominees must exhibit outstanding ability to manage procurement processes efficiently and ethically, highlighting best practices in sourcing, vendor management, risk mitigation etc.

This award recognizes an organization that has forged brilliant collaborative partnerships with its suppliers, logistics providers, and other stakeholders, subsequently improving visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness throughout the supply chain. Nominees in this category must showcase how their collaborative initiatives have led to measurable benefits, including cost reduction, improved service levels, and innovation.

This award celebrates the outstanding achievements in optimizing all facets of staff-related issues within the supply chain. Nominees will need to demonstrate mastery in fostering a collaborative and skilled workforce, emphasizing employee growth and ensuring diversity and inclusion. The finalists in this category must exhibit measurable impacts on staff satisfaction, skill enhancement and overall talent management effectiveness

This award recognizes an organization that has implemented excellence in driving positive social, environmental, and economic impact and has set a benchmark for sustainability in the Supply Chainindustry. Nominees must highlight successful integration of eco-friendly practices in their supply chain. This award sets the benchmark for sustainability, showcasing strategies that align with global sustainability goals while maintaining their supply chain competitiveness.

This award honours an organization that has harnessed cutting-edge tech innovations to create supply chains that have demonstrated exceptional efficiency and resiliency. The nominees must exhibit measurable impact on how their technological implementations (eg. AI, blockchain, IoT, robotics etc.) Have led to transformative changes in their supply chain operations.

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***If the applicant is an independent self-accounting subsidiary or a unit of a larger company, a brief description should be given of the organizational relationship to the ‘parent’ organization. Briefly describe how the applicant’s products and services relate to those of the parent and/or other units of the parent organization.

IPSC 2024 – Awards - Self Appriasal Report

Please provide a Self-Appraisal Report using the criteria below to explain and justify your eligibility for the award applied for. Kindly ensure that the responses are limited to the number of words specified against each criterion.

A. Conceptualization (20 points)

Please describe how the strategy/plan/program/initiative to provide/enhance the product/service, was conceptualized. Who were the stakeholders for your product/service? What prompted this strategy/plan/program/initiative to be undertaken? What was unique and/or original about this strategy/plan/program/initiative? (300 words )

B. Standards & Benchmarking (10 points)

Please describe if you adhered to any local or global standards as a benchmark while formulating your strategy/plan/program/initiative. What prompted you to adopt this benchmark/standard? (200 words )

C. Managing the Implementation (30 points)

Please describe in detail how your strategy/plan/program/initiative was implemented and who were the key stakeholders involved. What unique methods did you adopt or use in your implementation? How did you manage the implementation? How did you measure the satisfaction of the stakeholders before and after the implementation? (500 words )

D. Implementation Evidence (30 points)

Please provide all available data to demonstrate how you were able to meet or exceed the stakeholders’ expectations. What were the tangible results of your strategy/plan/program/initiative on the stakeholder’s happiness and business results? You can share data analysis, any reviews, recommendations and citations received from verifiable parties and/or from reputed third-party consultants, websites and aggregators or any recognition, awards and certifications received from reputed organisations to support your response (500 words )

E. Sustainability (10 points)

Please describe how the strategy/plan/program/initiative you implemented can continue serving the needs of your stakeholders in the future too. What impact did it create on them (200 words )

Note1: There are no specific eligibility criteria or restrictions for applying for these Awards. However, all applicants are expected to reasonably demonstrate, perceptible achievement and/or contribution in the areas applied for. Objective proof and clear evidence of contribution and achievement will substantially improve the chances of winning the awards.
Note2: All submissions will be held in absolute confidence and will not be divulged or shared with any third party except with your prior consent.