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The CXO Roundtable by Blue Ocean Corporation convenes industry leaders to explore innovation, strategy, and leadership. Through insightful discourse, it navigates the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Launched with an aim to embrace Supply Chain Management excellence, the CXO Roundtable serves as a beacon of enlightenment for industry leaders striving to optimize their supply chain prowess. This synthesis encapsulates the symbiotic relationship between executive leadership and supply chain excellence, lighting up the path towards organizational success amidst volving market dynamics.

Speaker Line Up

Mohamed Habib

Vice President – Supply Chain Management, Tabreed Board Member, Tabreed Sustainable City Limited

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Waleed AlSaeedi

Director of Procurement, AUH Tourism and Cultural Authority Former Chairman, CIPS Mena Strategic Advisory Board

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Fred Van Veldhoven

CFO – Ports Cluster, AD Ports Former Head of Controlling, Hilti Emirates

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Sulaiman Abdulla

Director – Administrative Affairs, Federal Tax Authority Former Manager – Procurement and Contracts, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory

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Andrea Prazakova

Senior Vice President - Innovation, ESG & Gaming, Mastercard EEMEA, Advisory Board Member, The Surpluss

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Asma Al-Mulla

Director of Procurement AW Rostamani Group | Former Associate Director - Procurement and Inventory, Imdaad Group

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Samer Haddad

MEA Procurement Director, Emerson Automation Solutions

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Insights and Innovations

Balancing Resilience and Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

In the constantly evolving landscape of supply chain management, the need to balance resilience and sustainability has never been more pressing. As disruptions become common and sustainability rises to the forefront of corporate agendas, the CXO Roundtable serves as an ideal platform for industry leaders to explore the delicate equilibrium between
fortifying resilience and championing sustainability in supply chains worldwide.

At the heart of supply chain management lies the quest for resilience – the ability to face and overcome disruptions with ease and agility. Through the lens of the CXO Roundtable, leaders delve into building resilient supply chains, emphasizing diversification, digitalization, agility, and collaboration. Sustainability integration into supply chain operations is also a key focus, recognizing the link between business success and environmental stewardship.

The CXO Roundtable, features industry leaders converging to explore the synergies between being resilient and sustainable in supply chain management. The discussions will revolve around how integrating resilience and sustainability as twin pillars of supply chain strategy equips organizations to not only face adversities, but also become sustainable for future generations.


Deep into the
Discussion Desk

The CXO Roundtable will bring together top executives and industry leaders to engage in insightful discussions on key topics shaping the future of supply chain management.

Defining Sustainability and Resilience

Exploring the intersection of sustainability and resilience within the supply chain context and their implications for businesses.

Identifying Key Risks and Challenges

Addressing major risks and challenges hindering the achievement of sustainability and resilience goals in supply chains.

Technology and Innovation

Leveraging advancements in technology and innovation to enhance sustainability and resilience, including digitalization, IoT, blockchain, and AI.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Discussing the importance of collaboration and partnerships across the supply chain ecosystem to tackle sustainability and resilience challenges effectively.

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