Blue Ocean Corporation

K Rajan

Executive Vice President
ITD Cementation India Limited

With more than three decades of infrastructure development experience in India, K. Rajan has valuable understanding of government policy formation and project materialization. His focus on aligning corporate objectives with policy intent has played a huge role in achieving business goals.

As the Chief Commercial Officer designated as Executive Vice President, Rajan was associated with the ITD Cementation India Limited (ITDCEM-National Stock Exchange) one of the few leading construction companies from pre-independent era India. A graduate from the science stream and equipped with an MBA, guided the company’s commercial objectives and reported to the Managing Director and Board of Directors at large.

At ITDCEM, Rajan has worked along successfully in transition phase with various European and Asian investors and board of directors. Invaluable and in-depth understanding of diverse cultural and corporate ideological settings to be accustomed to prove very vital for him to achieve smooth transitioning during those takeovers.

Rajan has a vast and rich experience in Commercial, Procurement and Contractual functions and is well recognized as one of the prominent voices of influence in the sector and industry.  He is an adept professional in handling negotiations and contractual matters with a strong track record of tangible wins.  He presently advises a unique construction company which is structured as a Cooperative Society, with a larger vision of achieving sustainable social benefits in a specific state.