Blue Ocean Corporation

Ashish Tripathi

General Manager – Global Sourcing, Logistics & Agency, TORM
Executive Member Supply Chain – Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Indian Chamber of Commerce

Ashish Tripathi is a senior supply chain leader with 15+ years of experience in strategic sourcing, marine engineering, maritime, procurement, vendor management and more. Currently, Ashish is the General Manager of Global Sourcing, Logistics & Agency at TORM, where he leads a team of professionals who deliver end-to-end solutions for the company’s product tanker fleet which operates globally. Ashish has a strong background in procurement, digitalization, cost optimization, ERP implementation, and process re-engineering.

At TORM Ashish strives to create value for stakeholders by ensuring seamless and safe delivery of the company’s cargo and services, while optimizing the total cost of ownership. He is also responsible for collaborating with various internal and external partners, such as the Bombay Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Chamber of Commerce, where he serves as an executive member of the supply chain and logistics committees.

He is a certified PMP and Six Sigma practitioner with a keen interest in managing supply chains in the digital world.

Ashish holds an MBA in Logistics, Materials and SCM from SP Jain School of Global Management. He graduated with a B.Tech from MIT ADT University. Ashish also has supply chain management qualifications from IIM Ahmedabad, ISB and National University of Singapore.